Job Opening - Project Manager

The Project Manager coordinates the entire construction process from Preconstruction handoff to project completion. The PM accepts the estimator’s estimate and is responsible for the project's financial success from this point in time to completion. The Project Manager is the primary point of contact for the owner during this time period as well as post-construction and is responsible for client satisfaction.

Experience and Skills

Minimum Education Required:

Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, related field, or equivalent experience.

Specialized Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Ultimately responsible for project success measured by client satisfaction, budget maintenance, profitability, and schedule adherence.
  • Competent in managing all aspects of a construction project on a stand-alone basis with only additional support from upper management on an infrequent basis. 
  • Expected to have enough experience and depth of knowledge in managing construction projects that he/she is able to be the driving force behind providing solutions to problems that are presented and capable of unifying key team members to advance the solution.
  • Have an understanding of the language and inherent risk in standard owner and sub contracts and how to implement these contract documents in the best interests of the company with some oversight from upper management.
  • Competent and proficient in writing scopes of work into subcontract exhibits.
  • Ability to competently create a CPM schedule and modify it according to the project's needs. 
  • Understands the fundamentals of scheduling to guide project staff.
  • Responsible for creating an accurate Cash Flow Analysis for the project.
  • Able to partner with the project Superintendent and lead the project as necessary to maintain the project schedule. 
  • Understand how to diagnose and manage risk on projects.
  • Able to drive the project schedule with all of the players involved, including team members, Subcontractors, Owners, Owner Representatives, and designers, while still maintaining the strong relationships required for a unified team approach.
  • Ability to manage Project Closeout, including holding initial meetings with owners regarding the closeout process and then managing the project team to ensure a timely Closeout.


Minimum of 5-10 years of industry experience.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to